GUEST BLOG: Peter Gradwell reveals how his company is 'always on'

The near continuous presence of smartphones and tablets means we can access emails whilst we're on the train or working from home, use cloud services to access important documents and even take calls to a business landline number on a mobile phone.

It helps us to save time, as we carry the internet in our pockets, so we can quickly respond to customer and staff emails or calls, wherever we are.

I love the freedom of being able to work anywhere. I can programme my mobile to take calls dialled to my office landline number, which means that I'm contactable wherever I am in the world.

I'm often out of the office meeting with our partners, suppliers or customers, so I have first-hand experience of how important technology is to running a business successfully whilst you're on the move.

We created our Gradwell One service to provide businesses with the flexibility to work from any location and enable them to be available at all times.

I can set my office phone number to react in different ways depending on the status I set. For example, if I set it to 'Meeting' it can send calls to voicemail, whereas if I set it to 'On the road' I can have calls come direct to my mobile.

I can even have my landline number call my mobile first, then, if I don't answer after 30 seconds, call my desk phone. Whatever I need it to do, I can create the rules.

Also, the statuses help my colleagues to see my availability, so they know whether I am around to take a call, giving callers the option to talk to someone else rather than being sent straight to voicemail.

Being constantly connected is not just about telephones though. If you provide a service, I believe it's imperative to engage with customers, particularly when any problems arise; one of the best ways to do this is to use social media.

Twitter has quickly become a key communication tool for many businesses, as it provides the opportunity to talk directly to customers and to post updates should anything disrupt normal service.

Smartphones make it even easier now to tweet or update our corporate Facebook accounts, so we can address any issues quickly when we're on the move, which in turn provides our customers with an improved and consistent experience.

Technology has opened up the possibilities for how we can provide customers with an improved experience, as well as run better businesses. I believe it will only continue to get better, with the next must-have gadget unleashing our inner geek yet again and continuing to improve the way we run our businesses.

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