GUEST BLOG: Rebecca Jane on how she uses her BlackBerry to catch cheating partners

The emails I receive on a daily basis are ridiculous. I get everyone from television producers and salesmen to our next client with a heartbreaking story to tell.

If I had to wait until I found my way to a computer, it would take me forever to go through them and I'd be a lot less efficient!

With the use of my BlackBerry friend, I can filter out the good from the bad within minutes. A top media executive wrote a testimonial about me last week say:

'Rebecca is professional at all times (impressively being contactable at any given time too!)'

It's not just me who appreciates efficiency and speed the Blackberry provides, but the people I work with too! Happy days.

I wonder how private investigators of the past (think Sherlock Holmes?!) we're able to work to full potential.

We have excellent cameras at our disposal, in this day and age - although when you're in a crowded bar, watching a cheating partner, you have to get close and personal. Pulling out a professional stills or video camera would raise suspicion. Putting the BlackBerry to ear, pretending to call someone, while secretly videoing everything often gets a result, and has pulled me out of sticky situations.

We also use BlackBerry Messenger. It's fast, efficient, free and lets you know if you're message is delivered. When on a job if we need to send a picture, this is always the preferred option.

When I've been on jobs with staff, we've been known to Messenger each other, while sitting next to each other.

In small spaces we're often almost on top of the person we're surveying. We need to listen carefully to everything being said.

Considering we can't speak to each other, we have whole conversations via BlackBerry messenger! Sometimes messaging the person we are with 'leave NOW', to bring a car ready to follow can be a crucial part of our process.

I know a lot of staff download apps, surf the internet and play games. It helps deal with boredom, especially when you've been stuck in a car for the last 13 hours...

All in all, BlackBerry rules my life. It wakes me up with it's alarm clock each morning, I deal with the night,s emails, check 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' like they're the morning newspapers, take it to the gym as my mp3 player, I BlackBerry Messenger staff and friends to see what the day's mission is, send some more emails, use my 'maps' application to find my way to where I'm going, my calendar will beep with appointments, check emails some more, and then set my alarm for the next morning...and so on!

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