GUEST BLOG:Iain Haywood on managing 10 inboxes from his BlackBerry

I've also had the opportunity, like so many misguided others, to crucify myself at the altar of novelty app development.  Since you asked, it was called Witty Kitty.  It was a cat, that, if kept happy, would utter cat puns.  I know.  No idea why it wasn't a hit...

Smartphones are really nothing new, but the availability of something approaching reasonable bandwidth and coverage since the advent of 3G and wifi now means that for me, while my mobile isn't quite my office, it is most certainly my inbox. Or should I say, my inboxes.

The single most useful thing about my smartphone is that it is the first line of defence of 10 or so critical email inboxes, all of which can are fed through one messages folder on my Blackberry.

Not only on the move, but also at my desk in front of my computer, my Blackberry messages folder, containing all inboxes, is the most efficient way of viewing and filtering my incoming mail.

These addresses are largely hosted-gmail-based, and, given the fact that one can sign on to one inbox at a time, the idea of individually signing up to 10 accounts every 10 minutes makes me feel ill.  Push notifications on a Blackberry are a life saver.

Not only does it allow me to view all my email at one source, wherever I go, emailing through a Blackberry forces one to prioritise ruthlessly, and brevity becomes second nature.  I never get to inbox "zero", but I don't spend my life fighting to get there either.

Of course, push notifications concern social networks as well, and while they're often a welcome bus or taxi-distraction I tend to find that any meaningful social media capital is better maintained on the computer with an enterprise-level SM client.

Still, if there's a disaster, I'm at least aware of the situation.

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