Top 5 best Apps for accessing analytics on the move

1 BlackBerry Analytics Service

Allows you to measure the performance of your apps through your BlackBerry handset. You can find out if your app is being used the way it was designed to be used, identify user behaviour to segment your audience and learn about new business opportunities. You can measure how much your app is being used on different technology platforms and in different locations.

It's free to use unless your app delivers more than 25,000,000 downloads - in which case let's be honest you should probably start paying anyway. It's easy to use and you can start just about immediately, viewing reports on the web-based reporting interface.

2 Web Trends

Webtrends analytics is one of the most popular in the market. It gives entrepreneurs the equipment you need to transform web, social and mobile analytics into insight that will help you grow your business. It's easy to disseminate information and to parcel it up into manageable presentations that even the non-technologically-minded can grasp in just a few seconds.

3 Google analytics

Google analytics is a popular package delivering a standard set of insights into your website traffic. It's free to use and simple to navigate, which makes it a very popular yardstick for the analytics industry. Great for start-ups and small businesses without budget to go for premium versions.

4 Piwik

Billed as the alternative open source analytics package, Piwik is increasingly popular with around 200,000 websites using it to access website data. For mobile browsing it is particularly strong with real-time updates and an easily readable interface.

5 Postrank

Postrank Analytics is designed to show who is talking about your products and sharing information about you with their friends via social networks. Using PostRank helps you to identify influencers, and find out which social networks give you the most traction.

It also allows you to benchmark yourself against your fiercest rivals. The idea is based on research suggesting that 80 per cent of the attention your content receives begins life in a social network, which makes analysing your 'social reach' a very sensible thing to do.

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