Top 5 things you didn’t know your BlackBerry could do

1 BlackBerry Balance

This is perfect for maintaining the fabled work/life balance through your mobile phone. This new function sets up two distinct content streams on one device. It means play doesn't interfere with work and vice-versa. Especially useful for businesses allowing employees to use their own personal devices for work, but equally for those who want to give employees more freedom to access personal apps and content while protecting company information. Access this great feature without the need for software and systems through the Blackberry Business Cloud Service for Microsoft Office 365.

2 Presentations with your BlackBerry Playbook

The BlackBerry Playbook comes with the ability to read and edit Microsoft Office documents as standard and it has a built-in HDMI connector that can link up to modern displays.

By launching the slideshow to go app you can launch a PowerPoint presentation, and you'll be able to flick through your presentation using the PlayBook's touchscreen. It's great for looking professional as well as up-to-date with technology!

3 Word substitution

In basic terms, Word Substitution helps you if grammar is not your strong suite or if you're simply too busy either to add punctuation or spell common words out in their complete form. This works on BlackBerry smartphones and the Playbook.

For example, if you double tap your space bar at the end of a sentence it will automatically place a full-stop, up-cap the first letter of the next word. It inserts punctuation automatically; write 'dont' and it becomes 'don't', but the best thing about Word Substitution is that it will spell out your abbreviations.

BB becomes BlackBerry, to give an example, but you can add your own abbreviations so that 'sm' might become 'supermarket', or 'ho' could become 'home office'. It's a neat trick for turning scribbles into legible copy.

4 Help Me! Shortcut

BlackBerry gives you access to lots of useful operational information at the touch of a button (well three buttons actually) The 'Help Me!' reveals your battery life, signal strength, uptime remaining, operating system. It's a simple trick but worth investigating from time-to-time.

To reach the screen just press the left shift key, the alt key, and the 'H' key on your BlackBerry's keyboard. Luckily you don't have to press all three at once, which would be tricky, but all three keys should be pressed in close succession.

5 BlackBerry Protect

A sure-fired way to keep your mission-critical data safe and sound. It keeps all of your contacts and personal data under lock and key in the cloud online. The BlackBerry Protect feature comes pre-installed on OS 7 devices. Backup, lock, wipe and locate your Blackberry if lost or stolen - all for free and from any web browser.

If you need to protect and manage multiple devices, use BlackBerry Management Center .

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