Best 11 new businesses of 2011

Soul Tree Wine - Alok Mathur and Melvin D'Souza have brought Indian wine to curry-loving Britons with Soul Tree Wine. The pair spotted a gap in the British market as French wine continued to be sold with Indian dishes and their foresight allowed them to capitalise by importing new Indian wines.

Freelance Training & Consultancy - Jessica Grosvenor won the Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for her company, Freelance Training and Consultancy. The business provides training to people in need of a new skill set but is unique by offering the service in client's current place of work.

Grannies Inc. - Katie Mowat has built a unique company in Grannies Inc. due to its 'design your own' format with numerous contributors selling their own knitwear.  Her original, self-funded website has grown quickly and she is very upfront about her growth plans for a business which has developed directly out of her passion.

Green Frog Designs Ltd - Green Frog Designs was created when brothers Adrian and Marcus Morgan combined their abilities in engineering and design to build a business which manufactures garden products from recycled materials. Their dedication to reusing waste is admiral in a company which has become successful so quickly.

Jolly Back Enterprises - Lorna Taylor used the knowledge she gained as a paediatric physiotherapist to start Jolly Back Enterprises. The company has always aimed to provide practical and ergonomic solutions for employers and employees working with young children. The design and marketing of the products have attracted a lot of attention from investors and awards.

Mama Jewels - Amanda Waring created Mama Jewels out of her own personal experience of being both a mum and a jewellery enthusiast. Her company brings jewellery back to new mums by creating strong, stylish and completely non-toxic accessories and is a testament to what can be achieved in a new business by using knowledge gained in life. - is an online comparison website created by David Grimes which ranked among the Smarta 100. Comparisons are made for courier services the site is partnered with some of the largest courier firms in the world. The pace of profits achieved by the company and the impressive contracts they have secured shows this business will continue to grow in the coming years.

Neon Play - Oli Christie started Neon Play to make the most playable and addictive games for Apple mobile technology but has grown to supply both Android and Nokia devices too. His company is recognised as one of the heads of the emerging industry and was included in the Smarta 100.

Razzle Dazzle Ices - Razzle Dazzle Ices provide dairy free ice cream which tastes as good as the market leader's dairy equivalents. Darrell Blower's dynamic approach to business and unique flavours has allowed her to gain a strong footing in a very established industry.

Special Horses for Special Children - Lilias Ahmeira built Special Horses for Special Children out of her years of experience with horses. The company aims to help young people suffering from Autism, Aspergers and Neurological Disorders and displays how a successful business can come out of a desire to help a community.

Splats - Splats aimed to revolutionise the bland idea of wellies and market to parents as a safe, clean and fun way for their children to enjoy the wet weather. Founders Rainbow Hart and Amy Gowan have been very successful, gaining deals with big firms and enticing Nickelodeon into current talks as well as making it onto the Smarta 100.


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