GUEST BLOG: BizGene's Mike Cooper reveals the top ten BlackBerry Apps for business

The technology community had gone app-crazy. There are nearly 7,000 app on BlackBerry World alone. But, for the good of entrepreneur-kind, I have worn my fingers down to nubs to bring you the top 10 BlackBerry applications for businesses,

Ladies and gentlefolk, the BizGene top 10 business apps for your BlackBerry are (in no particular order):

1. The BlackBerry Desktop


RIM has just launched a beta version of a BlackBerry security product called BlackBerry Protect that will remotely wipe your BlackBerry if it's lost or stolen. A godsend for entrepreneurs fearful of data leaks. But this clever app does more: it can also help track down the handset and will automatically backup your phone. However, until BlackBerry Protect is officially available and snag-free, why not try the BlackBerry Desktop? It's available to download for Mac and PC from the BlackBerry website, and it can be used to backup and restore a BlackBerry over a USB connection. Oh, and it's free.

2. Backup (OTA Data Backup Restore)

(£8.29 - BAK2u)

For a more sophisticated backup option, try Backup (OTA Data Backup Restore). This nifty app will automatically back up your address book, calendar, task and memo lists, and then send the backup file to a pre-defined email address over the air (that's the 'OTA' bit). The backup file can also be restored to another BlackBerry with the installed app. So a replacement BlackBerry can be brought up to speed in a jiffy if yours is in the shop.

3. txtForward - SMS Backup to Email

(£8.29 - Electric Pocket)

Never lose important business or personal text messages again - txtForward sends copies of every incoming and outgoing SMS or PIN message to a pre-defined email address. This can make searching for and organising those all-important missives much faster and easier. Plus, you can reply to the messages via email.

4. Wifi File Transfer

(£4.15 - Chocolate Chunk Apps)

While the BlackBerry allows you to view files, it doesn't let you edit them, which is where these utilities come in. Wifi File Transfer is a simple and quick way to move files to and from your PC or Mac using the BlackBerry's wireless connection, so you can make those changes and stick your docs and spreadsheets back on your phone fast.

5. Documents To Go Premium V2.0

(From £12.45 - Dataviz)

A step up from the Transfer app, Documents To Go Premium allows you to create and edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files - including viewing and updating charts - on the go. A 30-day view-only trial version is available on the BlackBerry App World. Publisher DataViz was bought by RIM in 2010 so expect the app to be a bigger part of the BlackBerry family sometime in 2011.

6. eOffice 4.6 Mobile Office Suite

(£12.45 - QuickOffice)

And here's the big daddy of BlackBerry editting apps. eOffice 4.6 Mobile Office Suite creates and edits Microsoft Office documents including .doc, .xls, .xlsx,.ppt files, and additionally allows you to view PDF, fax and image formats.

A 30-day free trial version is available.

7. SuperPower

(£0.85 - Toysoft Development)

When your phone dies unexpectedly, it can feel like you've lost a limb. Save yourself the stress and discombobulation with SuperPower. The fastest way to maximise your battery life is to turn off features that aren't required, particularly Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - this app does it for you. SuperPower lets you schedule up to 64 different schedules to turn on and off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi during the day e.g. it could automatically turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you go to sleep, turn them on in the morning, and turn them off again when you leave the house or office.

8. Advanced Conference Call

(£16.59 - Melon JSC)

To make conference calls with more people than the standard two built into your BlackBerry, try Advanced Conference Call. The app available to download from BlackBerry App World enables you to conference in up to five participants, and adds additional features such as conference scheduling and automatic pre-conference notifications.

9. SBSH SafeWallet Pro

(£4.99 - SBSH Mobile Software)

The BlackBerry is very secure - it's banned in some countries because the security is so good. However, additional layers of security can be added using apps from the BlackBerry App World. SafeWallet Pro is designed to act as a password-protected safe store of sensitive information, such as passwords and bank account details.

10. Evernote

(Free - Evernote)

Ever have that perfect product idea, or new marketing insight, but got stuck without a way to write it down or share it? Evernote helps you to make lists, take notes, share memos, tag pictures, and organise your thoughts when you're on the move and it's free.

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Are you appalled that your favourite app isn't on this list? Send in your nominations and we'll think again when we come to reprise our top 10 in a few months' time.

Mike Cooper is editor of BizGene, an online space dedicated to pulling together inspiring ideas and advice to help your business evolve and improve.

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