GUEST BLOG: FPB chief says, "Let's get Britain trading"

Small firms make a massive contribution to the economy, they employ half of all workers in the UK and contribute well over a third to the country's income. Why is it then, that as a country, we seem intent on making things difficult for them?

If we were smart and were looking to give our economy a real boost, then making things simpler for small companies would seem like an excellent solution to the economic problems we're experiencing.

That's what Get Britain Trading is all about - raising awareness with as many people as possible of the massive contribution small firms make and lobbying the Government to make changes to enable small firms to get trading again and be more profitable.

We're aiming to help all kinds of businesses all over the country. We want to help those that are based on the high street, business-to-business firms that operate locally, nationally or across different regions as well as small companies that trade on an international scale.

We need as many businesses to support Get Britain Trading as possible in order to maximise on the impact and success that it has. Firms can pledge their support for Get Britain Trading by visiting

Over the course of 2011, we'll be lobbying the Government to:

•    Improve cash flow by taking steps to help firms access finance and by taking action to combat late payment

•    Overhaul the tax system to ensure firms benefit from simple and proportionate tax, including cracking down on tax avoiders in order to create a fairer system

•    Stimulate employment by simplifying employment law and improving the availability of skilled workers

•    Create opportunities for growth by providing firms with assistance for export and better access to public procurement processes

Many firms tell us that they are fed up of hearing about economic doom and gloom in the press all the time. Confidence is a fragile thing and it's what our economy is based upon.

That's why Get Britain Trading is about focussing on what we can do and also aims to spread positivity and good news in order to boost confidence. We want to hear from firms that have good news to share and will be using them as case studies and for our press work.

We also want to hear from business owners who may have some good ideas and suggestions for how we can Get Britain Trading and also ideas which will benefit other firms.

You can get involved at the website given above. To help as many firms as possible, we've got together a group of experts and have asked them to share their advice on 'getting your business trading'. Businesses will be able to download this advice guide when they sign the pledge.

We've got a big task on our hands, but there are actions that we can all take to Get Britain Trading for the benefit of the economy and everyone who lives in Britain. I'd welcome your ideas and suggestions in the comment boxes below.

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