GUEST BLOG: Levi Roots on the importance of having business vision

My experiences in life have taught me many things, but the most valuable lesson of all has been learning the importance of having a vision, turning the vision into a practical plan, and then remaining focused on that plan.

There is a wise saying in business that there is no such thing as overnight success, and it's usually true. Knowledge and experience are gained one step at a time. But being fully prepared for good fortune when it taps on your shoulder will help you to reach your goals more quickly.

An entrepreneur respects the power of his or her own mind. The seeds of success are planted in your mind first, and, as those seeds grow into plans and actions, so the roots of your future success will strengthen. This process depends on your power to dream, to see your success in your mind before it happens. First you dream the dream, then you dream a plan of action, and finally you live that plan, in every moment of every decision. Staying true to your vision means that you will be ready to take inspired action when the time comes, with a plan that will take you to where you want to be - so that your dream does come true.

There are no rules governing who can be a success in business. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can be a business person - with or without a successful education.

It doesn't matter what you sell or what you choose to do - that is your business. You can be a refuse collector, a hairdresser, an accountant, or a cake maker; you can aspire to be a sole trader, run a local business, or be part of a nationwide industry. Everyone's vision of success is different, and everyone's idea of 'enough' will vary. There are no barriers to success - apart from the ones we create ourselves.

Even as a small child, I always had the sense that there was more to life than I was getting - and that I somehow deserved more. Even in those early days, I was dreaming boyish dreams about what I wanted to achieve and who I wanted to be.

If you dream your future, and prepare for the future that you want, you will recognise your moment when it presents itself - and you will be confident that now is your time. The potential for success is always in us. We are all born with unique skills and abilities. It's how we bring them out and which ones we choose to develop that count. I want everyone reading my new book to know that you do have it within you to succeed. In my book I explain how to navigate the path through your own Dragons' Den, so you can learn from my experience and avoid the more obvious obstacles along the way.

My mother always used to tell me, when you're running for a bus, don't get caught between the stops. It's a good piece of advice. She meant that if you plan ahead you will always be in the right place at the right time. If you're caught between the stops, you're in limbo land. There's nothingness there. You need to make sure that you get a head start - and that you finish well. It is never too early to get a head start in business by gathering the skills you need to be an entrepreneur.

In my book You Can Get It If You Really Want I explain how to create a plan of your own, so that you can fire up your chances of making your business dream a reality. You can buy it on Amazon.

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