Pricey tariffs and sneaky costs: Are you paying too much for your telephony?

Over a third of businesses in Great Britain are wasting money on their landlines by not regularly checking if they are getting the best deals, according to online research carried out by YouGov, on behalf of NewVoiceMedia.

Are you one of the 30% of small businesses forgetting to review your tariff? Moreover, 26% of you haven't checked your price plan for even longer: over two years.

"With businesses trying to drive efficiencies and save money left, right, and centre, it is surprising that they are overlooking the potential savings that could be made in this area - preferring to let the system plod along without any real idea of what they could be saving," says Jonathan Gale, chief commercial officer at NewVoiceMedia.

Making the switch to a new provider has never been easier. Advances in telephony tech (yep, we're talking about the cloud - the buzzword for 2011) have made it simpler and faster than ever before.

It may seem like an exercise in time suckage, but looking into a new provider or price-plan could substantially reduce your overheads in time. So, pick up your (cash-burning) phone, or get online to find out if you're paying too much.

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