The Smarta LIVE event: More stellar speakers announced

Just in case you've been under a rock for the past few weeks, Smarta is launching its first ever event. Each week, we've announced new big name speakers to dazzle you with their entrepreneurial brilliance. And today, to brighten up this cloudy Monday afternoon, we are proud to announce the following additions to the Smarta event roster:

Brad Burton

The charismatic founder of 4Networking, Brad Burton's story is one of determination, marketing genius and perseverance. Bouncing back from redundancy to launch the nation's biggest breakfast network, Burton is also the author of one of the most visceral, entertaining business books on the market: the aptly titled Get Off Your Arse, and Get Off Your Arse 2. Burton will share his top marketing tips and deliver an inspirational speech to pep up the most downcast of business owners.

Victoria Atherstone

Founder of brand new business Love2Scoot, Victoria Atherstone is sharing her experiences from the front line of the UK start-up scene. Victoria is looking to shake up the scooter market with her electric, easy-to-ride scooters. Fellow speaker, serial investor and School for Startups founder Doug Richard is backing her venture: find out what won him over, and how she's marketing her new business on a tight budget.

'Guru' John Popolini

If you've yet to see Steve Trister in action as alter-ego John Popolini, you're in for a real treat. A satirical take on the consultant/guru/motivational expert/high priest of everything role in business, Guru John uses humour, sarcasm and showmanship to show you the worst of business badinage. Think of Guru John as a cautionary tale in action, showing you - by example - what to avoid in business, and how a little bit of humour can go a long way.

Guy Levine

This tech guru knows digital marketing like the back of his hand. Founder of digital agency Return On Digital, his e-commerce, PPC, email marketing and social media knowledge has been boosting the bottom lines of his clients for a decade. An entrepreneurial veteran with both dotcom booms and busts under his belt, Levine is a straight-talking Northerner with a real talent for unpicking gnarled tech jargon.

These fantastic speakers will be joining Will King, Carl Hopkins, Lynne Franks, Kanya King, Shed Simove and Shaa Wasmund at The smarta way to do business LIVE at the British Library on February 28.

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