Chartered Management Institute: Quarter of UK workers ignore employer's code of conduct

It's a familiar story: The office introduction, a new desk and computer to explore and the little brochure to read over. How many of you have just tucked said leaflet away in the drawer to read through with a coffee later?

The CMI survey was undertaken at the same time the Institute published its latest Code of Conduct and incorporated responses from 1,000 employees.

Other results included 21% of those belonging to a professional body were unaware if there was a code of standards or conduct that they were required to follow. Do we have to mention that this could cause a serious problem if your employees are exposed to confidential data?

As for deliberately breaking conduct rules, it happens. Around a quarter of the UK workforce does it. And for my fellow men - we're the more likely to break the rules. The CMI say that 30% of men questioned in their survey admitted they had wilfully breached conduct guidelines.

"Our research shows that managers who make an effort to stick to professional guidelines gain the respect of their teams," said Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive of the CMI.

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that in my experience, some companies have outdated or counter-intuitive expectations of conduct from their employees.

But being up to speed with what your business expects from you will help you to know where you stand with your job. It works two ways: you could be pulled up and reprimanded for something you didn't know about. Or, if you're being treated harshly by a colleague or boss, you have solid grounds to fight your case.

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