Five reasons you should bid for the Smarta team on eBay

The Smarta team is donating its time, ideas, words and little black book towards helping one lucky bidder to grow their business. The eBay auction finishes at 16:16 on March 18, Red Nose Day. Have you placed your bid yet? If not, these points should tip the balance...

Brains and brawn

Smarta is a melting pot of entrepreneurial nous. There's our founder, serial entrepreneur Shaa Wasmund, who is a veteran at launching, building and selling businesses. Then there's our marketing ace James. He puts his money where his mouth is by running a host of experimental and lucrative e-commerce sites on the side. Even the wordsmiths on editorial have a venture on the go; Matt and Bex are in the midst of launching a brand new e-tailing business (very hush hush for now, you know how it is).

We're not just your run-of-the-mill publishing company, pushing out theoretical content. We are not 'consultants'. We all practice what we preach. And here's another point in our favour: we all have hundreds of ideas every day, but we're business-minded and practical about their application. We know the difference between an interesting idea and a solid profit-generating idea.

We come up with traffic strategies, revenue streams, collaboration structures and clever content that actually work. Imagine this kind of entrepreneurial clout directed into the growth of your business... An eight-strong team of business builders with a single aim: to take your business next level.

A fresh perspective

It's rare that a business owner gets the chance to get a new perspective on their business. Running a business can be lonely and, when you find yourself at your wits end, it's tough to find someone who not only understands the issue you face, but can present a logical and effective solution.

It happens to us all: you spend so long inside a business or problem that you can't see the wood for the trees. Challenges seem insurmountable, contacts elusive.

Smarta is expert at overcoming obstacles. Working at the heart of the British small business sector, seeing incredible innovation and learning from the mistakes of those who came before gives us a unique perpective on every challenge. As Shaa always says, "If you come up against a brick wall and you can't go through it, dig your way under it. If you can't go under, scramble over, and if you can't go over, dismantle that wall, brick by brick."

Put us to the test. Give us your most gnarled business problems, the aspects of your business plan that are tangled in knots and we will sort, unravel and uncover the answer.

We're dead cheap

If you were to hire a consultant to come into your business and advise you on the best ways to boost your business, the process would set you back thousands. Now, we're not trying to jinx the auction, but we're fairly sure that the total spend on our collective brainpower won't break the bank for the winner. We're a steal. A bargain. A no-brainer. So, where's your bid?


The Red Nose Day deal is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do you get the team for two hours, we'll also talk about you to our community. Our 10,000 followers on Twitter will get updates about your products and services, the 100,000 unique users visiting our blog will catch up on your latest escapades and we'll direct our Facebook fans to 'like' you.

The Red Nose Day story has already been picked up by other business press. Once news gets out that you have won the prize, donating a wedge of cash to Comic Relief, the buzz will be phenomenal.

It's for charity

Which brings me neatly to the reason we're doing this. It's a great cause. All the money we raise through our eBay auction is being donated to Comic Relief to battle poverty and social injustice across the world. Find out more about the causes you'll be helping by visiting

What are you waiting for? Place your bid now.

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