Groupon president Rob Solomon to step down

Groupon's valuation has been escalating at an alarming rate. At last count, it was topping $25bn. Why then has its COO and president, Rob Solomon, driving force behind the company's success, decided now is the time to take a back seat in the business?

Solomon is not exiting completely. He is remaining an 'advisor' to the company, according to Mason. But the Groupon CEO has made no attempt to quell speculation around the president's departure, leaving journalists to scour recent interviews for a hint of Solomon's plans.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Solomon is stepping down because "Groupon got really big". The Journal also claims that Solomon reached his decision to leave in consultation with Mason.

"I agree with Andrew that we really need a much different type of operator to take it to the next level," Solomon is reported to have said. "What we did in that one year is equivalent to what happens in five years at the best internet companies."

Indeed, the firm has grown from 200 employees last year to over 6,000 today. And with an IPO on the cards, internal operations are bound to get increasingly twisted and complex.

But did Solomon jump? Or was he pushed?

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