GUEST BLOG: "Dreading Monday? Get off your arse and make a change," says Brad Burton

I met up with an old friend recently who told me how he was dreading going to work on the Monday and was planning on throwing a 'sickie'. The weekend is notorious for hatching the first symptoms of what I call 'Monday flu'.

My friend has spent years in sales for his current company and as per the usual employee road map, has recently found himself increasingly fed up with his lot in life. So he did what any person would do in the same boat - spent his evenings trawling the jobs papers and his 'work days' trawling the job sites searching for the perfect job.

He searched for months and months, and after months and months… No interviews.


No perfect role jumping off the job pages and tapping him on the shoulder, just frustration slapping him in the face.

So if you, like my friend, find yourself sitting there most days F5-ing about, (that is, pressing the F5 'refresh' key hoping for new leads, a new job or for something to come along) then I've got news for you: nothing is going to happen.

Nothing is going to change until you Get Off Your Arse and make it.

My books are called Get Off Your Arse, but it's not just a title, it's a philosophy. I've written GOYA2, my second book, for those people who are sitting around wondering why the universe hasn't dealt them a better hand; why they're not getting what they want out of life. If you don't like things about your current situation, you need to change them into things that you do! It's all down to you.

Work out what actually makes you happy; what success means to you. The archetypal dream of the "big country house and loads of money in the bank" success that currently eludes you may not actually be the success you might think, because success is actually doing something you truly love and enjoy, and getting paid for it.

My work/life is so much fun because I've created it. No one was ever going to give me that 'perfect job': the one that involved swanning around the UK speaking at seminars and networking week after week, lunching with amazing people, falling over drunk on expenses with equally amazing people. I did it, I made it happen. And if I can do it, I'm damn sure that you can. But you need to believe in yourself, and you need to Get Off Your Arse.

It's not just another motivational yarn, another business book. This is full of practical advice that has been tested and worked in the real, cut-throat world of the small business. And it's a story too. You'll find out how getting shot at through the windows of my Salford home led to my becoming a networking king, and why, as a result, I've come to believe that everything happens for a reason.

If one person makes a change and does the thing they've always wanted to do because they read my book, then I'll be happy.

Brad Burton is the managing director of Britain's biggest networking organisation, 4Networking. He's also a motivational speaker and author. Get Off Your Arse Too is available now from

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