GUEST BLOG: "When will government back young entrepreneurs?" asks YES founder Carly Ward

My main motivation right now is youth unemployment. Nearly one million 16-24 year-olds are unemployed. Luckily, unemployed and "unemployable" are two very different things.

There are so many young people lost right now, not knowing what they want to do or how to get out of their situation. Not all of the  unemployed 16-24 year olds are lazy, good-for-nothings as a lot of people think!

The YES '12 Steps to Success' programme aims to inspire young people to start a business. But if they are more motivated to return back into employment, education or training that too would be success. Did you know that it costs our country in excess of £23 million a week in Job Seekers Allowance for 16-24 year olds alone?! That is an unbelievable figure. Something has got to be done!

Last week I had a call with Number 10 Downing Street (not David Cameron personally but it's a start!) and I told them about the work that YES is doing. We need the government to get behind our intitiative in order to get more young people through the programme, starting businesses, "making a job instead of taking a job" in the words of Vince Cable.

It's all well and good being taught interview and CV techniques but if there are few employers to show them off to what's the point?!

More and more people are having to think about becoming entrepreneurs because jobs are scarce. YES has asked the government to get behind our courses for the young unemployed and help us roll them out on a larger scale. They want to talk again and we will see if the words of David Cameron at the Tory's spring conference "getting behind Britain's entrepreneurs" comes to fruition or not!

One thing's for certain, I will not be giving up anytime soon on our future leaders. The economy of the country is relying on new businesses being started and young people have the ability to make a long-term difference not only for themselves but by creating jobs for other people too.

Let's hope our government backs us young entrepreneurs. If we keep on doing what we have always done we will keep on getting what we have always got.

On Thursday April 14, I am launching the YES Network. We have an impressive guest list with the likes of Julie Meyer from Dragon's Den online and Ariadne Capital and Claire Young finalist of BBC's The Apprentice and founder of School Speakers. We have some pretty fab speakers too, including Smarta's very own Shaa Wasmund! If anyone is interested in finding out more please see or email

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