The King's Speech: Will King's KoS parody goes viral

The devil is in the detail. The King's (of Shaves) Speech parody features the original microphone from the film, with Will King taking a gentle stuttering swipe at the British shaving brand's rivals including "G-g-" (Gillette) and promising his own brand will not cost a "King's ransom".

The video hit Youtube last Friday and has so far racked up over 4,000 views and trended on Twitter. The "speech" was shot in five hours by London production company Tiger's Eye (owned and run by King's girlfriend, creative maverick Tiger Savage) and took less than 24 hours to reach a global audience.

The spoof shows the use of social media marketing that Will King promoted on the stage this week at the smarta way to do business LIVE.

King says: "It's always difficult to know how a parody/spoof advert like this will go down with the intended global audience. I hope those who are fans of King of Shaves enjoy it, and those who are yet to know our brand, find my own 'Will King's Speech' engaging enough to discover more about our mission to shave the world better, forever."

While it might not win any awards for acting, the video contrasts with the multi-million pound marketing and advertising spend of rivals such as Gillette and Wilkinson Sword. King of Shaves turned over £24 million last year and is currently number two to Gillette in the UK.

Watch the Youtube video below, and check out our interview with King of Shaves founder Will King.


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