WebMission 2011: Skyscanner's Barry Smith shares his experience of the San Francisco tech trip

I don't think I've ever experienced a palpable buzz before, but I'm pretty sure that is what we have in San Francisco.

The WebMission has been an incredible experience. It has opened my eyes to the awesomeness of just being around in the Bay Area - albeit for such a short space of time.

The 'Missionaries' themselves are an eclectic bunch of highly driven entrepreneurs with equal measure of ambition and madness thrown in. It's frightening to envision what levels of success we will see from these companies in the next few years - and good luck to them all.

Just being surrounded by this level of 'oomph' for a week can't fail to inspire and motivate. I am still riding a wave of euphoria at the endless opportunities these connections in SF open up for Skyscanner.

To be honest, my head is buzzing from being out here - but in a great way. Things are different here. The willingness to share networks, take risks (however calculated), become successful, grow your business, are at levels I don't get to see much in the UK and Europe, which is a real shame, and something I feel we have to wake up to.

The week has gone like a bullet train, as we arrive at our final evening. I'm still not sure what day it is. The flight back will deliver us some much needed time to reflect on what has happened over the past few days. The hard work will start next week following up on everything that has just happened.

San Francisco - thanks for your hospitality and facilitating this mass gathering of entrepreneurs. We'll definitely see you soon.

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