GUEST BLOG: The top ten business benefits of phone call recording

While everything else you and your business says is recorded, stored and searchable - texts, tweets, blogs, comments, emails - the spoken word remains subject to hearsay and dispute. It's a whopping great anomaly and it's time it got junked.

Here are the top ten reasons given why entrepreneurs are embracing call recording technology.

1.    Every word written by your company is documented. But the decisions and negotiations are often verbal. This leaves a black hole in your understanding of the business.

2.    If your counterparty records your calls they have the advantage in any dispute.

3.    Be certain of facts: addresses, order quantities, dates,

4.    Training: Review calls

5.    Document the spoken word which may contradict the written word

6.    Review nuances in conversations

7.    Get second opinions on conversational ambiguities

8.    Meet compliance obligations

9.    Evaluate your team's phone call performance

10. Follow the true conversational path to understand how you got to where you are in a negotiation

Now you may be saying to yourself: surely these reasons have existed for a long time? Well that's true. But until now the price of call recording has been beyond the reach of most businesses. Large PBX providers quote that 95% of businesses that wanted a call recording solution were unable to afford it.

That barrier just got demolished thanks to the convergence of three factors:

  • the evolution of telephone software
  • the cloud (low cost anywhere anytime storage, VOIP)
  • a disruptive business model

Call Trunk, the world's only recording-on-the-cloud provider, launched in the UK this week, hot on the heels of a US launch earlier this year.

According to Call Trunk small businesses and entrepreneurs are at the heart of the rapid adoption of this technology because the benefits to them are so significant. Entrepreneurs, in particular, live and breathe on the phone and are making decisions, absorbing information, giving instructions and making commitments at a hundred miles an hour all day long.

Call Trunk allows you to record calls made on your landline or your smartphone and access them anytime, anywhere. The calls are stored in a secure account on the cloud and are searchable, indexable, transcribable and shareable. For example you might want to pass on a call to your sales team, your accountant or your lawyer.

One of the interesting side issues will be the impact call recording has on conversations. According to Michael Dillhyon, the CEO of Call Trunk: "As a result of being the only unrecorded conversational stream of our digital age the spoken word has become the wild west of business. People will say things to you they would never write in, say, an email. It makes it hard to do business over the phone with someone you don't know. That's why you have to have things in writing and that slows business down."


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