Smarta Entrepreneurafen: the pill that guarantees YOU business success for a £1 a day

Forget the age old debate about whether great entrepreneurs are born or bred. That argument is no longer relevant. Genes, luck or even ability need no longer hold you back.

Today, Smarta announces the launch of… Entrepreneurafen… the once-a-day pill proven to increase your ability to do business.

Entrepreneurafen works by boosting N-acetyl-aspartate chemicals which help release endorphins and neurotransmitters within the brain, scientifically-proven to enhance creativity, intelligence and decision making.

The formula was developing following extensive research by US-born Dr. Ross Lakem who has spent the last 15 years attempting to prove the existence of what's been labelled 'the profit gene' and his attempts to replicate it.

During research, 98% of those testing Entrepreneurafen showed a 75% or higher increase in annual income or profits. Over 12 months of taking the drug, 95% said they felt it had enhanced their 'success rates' in all aspects of their business careers.

Satisfied there are no serious side effects to taking Entrepreneurafen, Smarta is delighted to launch it to market through all leading pharmacies. Entrepreneurafon will retail at £27.99 for 28 capsules or tablets.

Shaa Wasmund, Smarta founder, said: "When this was first put to me I was sceptical and I know you probably are too reading this, but throughout our extensive testing I've seen the transformation Entrepreneurafen can have on even the average business person's ability to succeed.

"The government has probably wished there was a pill it could take to solve the economic woe we find ourselves in - and now there is."

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