Top ten tunes for entrepreneurs

When the sun is shining, your workplace is a sauna and all you want is a cold beer and a Mr Whippy, don't power down. Stick on these tunes to get you through the wall.

Start Me Up - Rolling Stones

Rock classic. Just the intro will have you tapping your toes.

I'm Still Standing - Elton John

Cheesy, yes. But still worthy of a place in the entrepreneur playlist. Great aural medicine after a deal goes bad or a customer complains.

Money Money Money - ABBA

At the end of a long, tough day, it's time to indulge in a little self pity. Oh yes. We have to slog and strive while others have a silver spoon. All set to a proper poptastic beat.

Money For Nothing - Dire Straits

Now look at them yo-yos. Thats the way you do it. Money for nothing and your chicks for free.

For the days you wish you'd become a rock star instead.

Take Care Of Business - Nina Simone

When your 'to-do' list is longer than your arm, your in-tray is teetering, you're out of coffee and your eyes are starting to swim, tune in to Ol' Nina. She can help you take care of business. Nuff said.

Money (That's What I Want) - Flying Lizards

Money isn't the primary motivator for most entrepreneurs. Independence and success claim poll position. But when your debtors are being slow, sales are down and you are staring at your online banking with a face longer than your line of credit, try this tune for size.

Pressure Drop - Toots & The Maytals

For that moment when you realise you've royally screwed up. It's time to release the tension with 'Pressure Drop'.

Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor

Classic. Smarta recommends you dance around to this one to reap the full benefit.

Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

Tempted though we were to Rickroll all of these recommendations, we controlled the urge. But this song gets a mention, nonetheless. If only because his style and killer moves should cheer you out of the deepest slump. Even if it's only momentary.

Me Against The World - Tupac

The clue is in the title. When the going gets tough, the tough listen to Tupac.

Got your own 'pep-me-up' playlist? Share the love. Leave your recommendations in the comments section below.

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