APPRENTICE 2011: Jo Cameron, Apprentice alumnus, reviews episode two

It's the second week of series seven of The Apprentice and the girls won for the second week running.

This week, the task was to create a mobile phone ap that was going out over the global download airways. The girls had 10,667 downloads, the boys 3,951.

Boys: Nil. Girls: 2.

The key to the girls' success wasn't the harmony in the camp. The boys did a great pitch, with a great call to action. The most memorable part of the girls' pitch was Edna's long black gloves and panther like prowl from one side of the stage to the other (We apprentices do the strangest things under pressure!!). The fact of the matter was that there was just more flaws with the boys' app than there was with the girls'.

Several things went wrong for the boys. The most important factor was that they missed the point with their 'local vocal' app. The purpose of the app was to translate local UK dialects. Of course, anyone living outside of the UK just wouldn't get it. Discounting thousands of downloads from anywhere outside the UK.

In the boardroom, we saw something that we haven't seen before; the team leader changed his mind about who should be bought back into the boardroom.

As a team leader, this is the scariest part of the whole show, deciding who should come back in with you. Lord Sugar does give some subtle clues and your plan can disintegrate right before your eyes.

Project manager Leon survived and it was Alex who got the boot.

The main flaw in Alex's strategy was that he had planned to lay low for a few weeks then start to show himself as the numbers dwindled.

As a candidate there is nothing more infuriating. We had some people like that in our series and they 'floated' for a couple of weeks until they were forced to show their hand. You know who they are but unless you lose the task they keep being a bystander until they're forced to do anything startling.

In the second week, we as candidates are starting to get used to the format, we are starting to get to know each other a little better and get accustomed to our new home.

But every day in The Apprentice is like living on a knife edge. It's incredibly exhausting and stressful. Each day takes you even further outside of your comfort zone. You take on things that you have never done before and have to balance risk against the rewards every second of the day. You are so keen to prove what you can do but this has to be balanced with putting your head above the parapet to get it shot down if everything all goes horribly wrong.

At work, if you are working with people you don't like, you shut the door and turn off the phone. In The Apprentice you go home and sleep in a bed next to your adversary, eat dinner with them and jostle with each other for the shower every morning. There is no hiding place.

As we know, as business people, lying low as a business strategy just doesn't work.

In business we get nowhere by being a spectator. Businesses only get started and grow by taking chances, getting noticed for the great things that you do and by the full application of your energy to keep going when the going gets tough.

If you've been lying low in your business recently, make today the day that you stand out and get noticed.

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