Apprentice 2011: Lee McQueen, winner of series four, on Gavin, Vincent, and who will go next week

The negotiation task is one of my favourites. Back in series four in 2008, we all went to Marrakesh to do this one. It was a real 'coming-of-age' moment for me.

This time around, there's no exotic location but the task was just as tough. The two teams each had to buy 10 identical items for the Savoy. They only had a few hours to track them down, negotiate a deal and pick them up. High stress, high stakes. And Lord Sugar issued fines for any missing items.

I didn't envy the teams on their budgeting decisions. Because they were buying for the Savoy, an upmarket hotel, they all felt that they should spend more money on the items. No one wanted to buy a lot of tat.

In the end, team Logic only got six items, Venture, led by Susan, managed nine. Still, there was only a few quid between the two teams in the end.

In terms of style, the project managers couldn't have been more different. Like adviser Nick Hewer, I was impressed by Susan. She was a force to be reckoned with. She was direct, she got people working and, most importantly, she was completely organised.

I'm gutted about Gavin. I picked him to go far in The Apprentice only last week. He has built up his own business from the ground up in a niche area already. He struck me as the kind of guy that Lord Sugar would like. But he let himself down with his management of his team.

That said, he was unlucky. People like Zoe, who ended up in the bottom three, seemed to be in the undergrowth. I do know that the way things are edited can make all the difference but she hasn't put her hand up yet. Lord Sugar's got her card marked.

I felt there was a real confidence issue with Gavin. When he ended up in the boardroom, he didn't really fight his corner, it was almst like he didn't feel he was worthy to be in the competition. Vincent was definitely up for the fight.

Gavin could have chosen more tactically when picking team-members to take into the boardroom - perhaps chosen some squeaky mice who wouldn't have stood up for themselves. But, I must admit, I would have chosen Vincent too. He was responsible, in part, for the failure of the task.

Vincent's not doing himself any favours. Having worked for Lord Sugar for two years, I can safely say he won't go far. Snatching the phone out of Ellie's hand and saying "I can do it better than you" is not good business practice. His arrogance is not a worthwhile attribute. I think his card is marked as well. It certainly is in my book.

The only person who really sticks out in my mind is Jim. He can sell, he's got a good head on his shoulders, people like him and want to work with him. He'll definitely be in the final.

Whether he'll win is another thing entirely. He's a great salesman but we haven't seen much from him in a creative capacity. I look forward to seeing how he does in the advertising and branding tasks. He hasn't been PM yet either - that will be interesting.

It's hard to predict who will go. In my series Clare Young ended up in the boardroom five times. We were always sure she was going to go. And each week Lord Sugar saved her. It was the same with Baggs "The Brand" last year. But, unless they step up and start showcasing their skills, people like Zoe are vulnerable. He's made it clear he's not giving second chances this time around. I think Zoe will be going next week, if I had to make a wager.

Looking back, and I know I'm bound to say this, I do think series four was the best series. We had four people in the final, all big contenders from similar backgrounds, well-paid roles. But I do think they're freshened up the series seven a treat with the new prize. People are loving it: the number of tweets about the show last night on Twitter were just unbelievable.

This new format has really worked, in my opinion. If you look at all the past Apprentice winners, each of them have gone on to launch their own businesses. Take Michelle Dewberry, Simon Ambrose, I'm now running the Raw Talent Academy: we all run our own ventures. What a fantastic opportunity! The chance to start a business with Lord Sugar's backing but also his experince and contacts. Not to mention the popularity of the show driving your business forward in the early days.

My business has been going for seven months now. I certainly wouldn't say no to a quarter of a million! But then I was lucky; I had a similar experience, almost by accident, in the year I won The Apprentice. I launched Amscreen alongside Lord Sugar and his son. It was an entreprenurial venture and we were in partnership, much like this prize.

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