Josh Kaufman creates £7 MBA programme

If you're tempted to go to business school but you're wondering if it's worth the time, funds and energy, it's probably worth giving The Personal MBA a try before you sign your life away.

Author Josh Kaufman put together this book after realising that most MBAs consist of PowerPoint presentations and studies of outdated financial models, rather than learning what it takes to run a real business.

The Personal MBA takes the most valuable lessons from the finest business schools across the globe - sans Powerpoint - and cherrypicks the cleverest advice from the most effective business books and condenses it into simple, memorable ideas and tools.

Here's what you can learn from The Personal MBA:

- Why every business is limited by the size and quality of the market it attempts to serve-and how to find hungry markets just waiting to be served.

- There's more to business than products and services. There are actually twelve ways to create value for your customers, and the most successful businesses combine several.

- All prices are malleable. Raising your prices is the best way to dramatically increase your business' profitability - if you know how to support the price you're asking.

- The only four ways for a business to bring in more money

The book is currently available in paperback, eBook (a bargain at £7) and Kindle format.

And it gets better: You can read a free extract from the book online.

If you like it, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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