VIDEO REVIEW: Apprentice winner Lee McQueen on the highs and lows of the 'beauty' task

There is some justice on The Apprentice. Three of candidates I hate the most ended up in the boardroom last nght. Ellie: whingey, moody, unenthusiastic, definitely not my sort of person. Then there was shouty stone-face Natasha. A whole roomful of candidates that have yet to prove that they deserve to be in the programme.

From Lord Sugar's point of view, he had to fire Felicity. She project-managed the team and made a loss. She had to take responsibility for that; but he could have fired all three of them, to be honest.

I'm struggling with the candidates this year. I've got my eye on Jim to be in the final three, but I'm finding it really difficult to pick a woman I think is good enough to get through to the last few.

Ellie! How can you justify sitting in a room for four hours doing nothing? The 'I'll just sit tight and see what happens' strategy does not work with Lord Sugar, I can tell you that for nothing.

That said, the boys didn't make much of a showing either. That Vincent, I don't get him at all. Don't make statement like 'My team was a complete shambles' if you can't back it up in the boardroom, mate! Especially not when you've been on the losing team three times already.

As for the winning team, I criticised Zoe last week, and even though she did alright this week and won the task, I'm still not impressed. While I thought she was very good in the back room doing the feet and all that, led well, and was decisive in her decision-making, she just doesn't seem to have much of a personality.

As for Susan. What a classic Apprentice moment. She made the same mistakes as countless candidates before her: she set herself up for a fall. "I could do this standing on my head," she goes. We must have heard that she sells skincare products for a living about seven million times. But when Zoe said fine, I'll take your advice, you're the expert, she came a cropper. It was lucky that Zoe used her better judgement and didn't go for the whole 700 tanning lotions that Susan was pushing for.

Nope, Susan didn't cover herself with glory, this week. And she's definitely got the wrong attitude, sulking about being pulled up on her mistake. I hope she doesn't go down the back-stabbing route now, or it'll all be over for her. It was the enthusiasm, team-working skills and passion for business that saw her through the first three weeks.

Jim didn't have a stong week, either. It must be said. But you can't have a stong week every week. There are peaks and troughs for everyone. For example, I think Leon did really well on this task. He showed off some cheeky selling skills. It's nice that we're getting to that point in the show where different personalities start coming up.

One last point: I'm loving advisor Karren Brady this series. I had Nick and Margaret in my year and I thought they were both brilliant, but it's also good to see Karren bringing something new to the show.

It's difficult to build relationships with Lord Sugar's advisors when you're on a task. Yesterday, it was interesting to see Nick actually come out and almost give advice - he told Felicity to "Get on with it". That is really rare. They don't normally give their opinions. It's usually the old raised eyebrows or rolled eyes. When I used to see Margaret doing her little eyebrow thing, I always knew I had to pull my socks up!

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