APPRENTICE 2011, Episode six: Simon Duffy reviews the 'Rubbish' task

It was the sixth task on The Apprentice last night and what a load of rubbish it was. All predictable jokes aside, I really liked this one.

On the face of it, the task appeared very complicated. None of the candidates had experience in this industry, and they were keen to stress it. I thought they seemed a bit disorientated at the start as they were so far out of their comfort zone. However, from the comfort of my couch it seemed as though there were some pretty straightforward elements to it: strategy, negotiation and logistics.

Zoe and Helen put themselves forward as team leaders and they had very different approaches. Ultimately, one of them had a strategy and the other didn't.

Helen's idea of offering to clear the items for nothing was a but risk, but it paid dividends in the end as they won the big contracts. Helen was right to back her judgement and I was very impressed with her. In winning these contracts her side was nearly overburdened and if it hadn't been for the good team spirit she had installed this could have ended in disaster.

Zoe's team was pretty shambolic. They didn't seem to particularly grasp what the task was all about. I was even more alarmed by Zoe's general attitude. Talking down to Susan didn't look great, especially when she was actually the only one speaking sense.  Susan really impressed me this week and you can see that she is not only smart, but also very hard working.

The firings this year feel a lot more personal. I guess this is because Lord Sugar is looking for a business partner rather than an employee this time. I can completely understand this. It's absolutely vital that you have a good personal relationship with your business partner.

At a start up business you spend a large amount of time with your co-founder. In this pressurised and intense environment you really need to get on. When my business partner and I were in the early stages of Bulldog, this was definitely the case. We spent months sharing a desk and computer in his tiny spare room. If we hadn't have been such good friends there's no way we would have survived it.

Based on who was at fault for losing the actual task Zoe should definitely been fired. She seemed to believe this as well, so it was a big shock when Edna got the boot instead.

Edna's credentials to be Lord Sugar's business partner might have been a bit rusty but the decision to fire her was rubbish.

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