Apprentice 2011: Lee McQueen's video review of episode seven

I was quite surprised that old stone-faced Natasha won the task! I thought she wasn't going to do it. Pure stubbornness got her through. She was told to told to tone down the smut and she rebelled, but Carat spent £60,000 with her magazine, so she pulled it off.

Natasha's still got a long way to go with her people skills though. She talked down to her team. And what was with the constant, "Yeah!"s. Get off! And she kept saying, "Dollar". We're in Britain, love. We use pounds here.

Over to Jim. Very surprised he didn't get fired this week. His key skills this series have been sales and negotiation but he totally failed on both fronts this week. Karren Brady pulled his card too. She said that he used his charm in a passive aggressive way to spread blame on to the other contestants. I think they're starting to wise up to his game now.

We'll see what happens next time he project-manages. That's when Lord Sugar will make up his mind whether to keep him until the final or not.

It's really interesting that he fired Glenn though. Glenn didn't seem to do anything particularly wrong this episode. Lord Sugar has been in electronics for years, with a lot of engineers reporting to him. Maybe that's why he feels he can't go into business with one on an equal footing.

I genuinely felt he was going to fire Susie there for a bit. She was the 'mouse' that didn't speak up. It's hard to tell with the editing but it did seem that she was happy to make criticisms to camera without properly voicing her concerns to the team.

I also didn't think it was very wise of her to pull the 'age card' in the boardroom. I'm having none of that. If you're old enough to be in the competition, you're old enough to take responsibility for yourself.

The other 'mouse' this week was Tom. He never seems to be heard! I'll be intrigued to see him as PM. It must happen next week, right? He's the only one that hasn't done it yet. Will people listen to him? Will he get respect?

I know I seem to change my mind week by week, but my pick, if I could snap up any of the contestants for my own apprentice, would be Melody. I like her. She's strong, forthright, she's never offensive. She'd be my first choice.

That said, I think Helen will go far. She's unbeaten so far on the tasks. Leon struggles with pitches (a bit like I did) but he is brilliant - using the lessons from the Rubbish task to put together an article on how to make £1,000 in a day was genius.

Will I still say this next week? Who knows. But that's the thing with The Apprentice. One bad week and you're fired...

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