Apprentice 2011: Lee McQueen's video review of episode six

Everyone's been knocking Zoe for her performance on last night's Apprentice task, but I have to say: I thought she was quite decent. I'm glad she didn't get fired. Lord Sugar was spot on when he said that she was like a bull in a china shop - and she does need to be reined in - but at least she put herself out there.

She may have lost the task, but it was hardly a crashing defeat. There was only £6 between the two teams. Day one, she fell apart. But day two, she recovered. She didn't throw in the towel, which she could have done. She pulled the team together and made sure that they were in profit. Everyone has their moments of weakness, especially in the high pressure situations like The Apprentice, but it's only a true weakness if it continues.

Lord Sugar likes people who throw up their hands and admit their mistakes. That's why he gave Zoe another lifeline. What he doesn't like is people who sit in the background, not doing anything, then jump on the bandwagon when things go well and claim credit for everything. That's why Edna got fired.

In the boardroom yesterday, Lord Sugar gave Edna several opportunities to convince him that she would be a good business partner. But all she did was talk qualifications: degrees, MBAs, all of that. That's great, obviously she's very intelligent but that's not the same as experience. Yeah, you have an MBA but what are you doing with it?

On to Helen - she's a dark horse. I thought she project-managed really well. She chose a high risk starategy but, in business, you have to take risks. Helen had the courage of her convictions: a few people, like Melody, questioned her decision and she just said, 'On my head be it'. I like that attitude. They only won by £6 but they won. Lucky sixes: She's won six tasks in a row now. She'll definitely be in the top five.

Who else will make it through? Well, I think when Tom project manages, that will make or break him. Tom's only won one task so if he PMs and messes up, he'll go for sure.

Zoe needs a kick up the backside. She reminds me so much of Claire Young from my series. Claire is a really good friend of mine now, but up until task five she was a total nightmare. Lord Sugar said she had "a mouth like the Channel Tunnel". Zoe, attitude-wise, reminds me of Claire. She need to concentrate more on the task and developing her skills but I think she's going to go far.


Jim had a shocker last week. He really didn't cover himself with glory. This week, it felt like he was just going though the motions. He needs to PM. That'll show what he's made of.

Melody is another strong candidate. I don't think she's done anything wrong at all so far. She's quite forceful, PMs well, is a strong-minded businesswoman; a bit arrogant maybe, but that's part of confidence. I think Leon will get to the top five as well.

My pick to be fired next week is probably stoney-faced Natasha. She only escaped by the skin of her teeth last time she ended up in the boardroom.

As always, if you agree/disagree with me, let me know. Leave a comment below.

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