APPRENTICE 2011: Where there's muck, there's brass

Goodbye Sourpuss! And then there were nine. The 'Rubbish' episode saw the Apprentice candidates really get their hands dirty. Even dollybird Melody got grit under her nails. The task: To turn a profit in the junk business by clearing rubbish, selling the treaures and dumping the trash. It was a logistical puzzle, part strategy, part graft. Brilliant television.

Project-managing poor old limping Logic was new team member Helen, dubbed the "lucky mascot" by Lord Sugar for being on the winning team every week this series. Over on Venture, Zoe took up the mantle, despite there being someone on the team yet to PM: shame on you Glen.

The task stretched over two days, Lord Sugar started off the teams by passing on two leads: an office clearance and a commercial kitchen refit. Helen made the bold decision to pitch her team's services at zero cost, believing that the junk had considerable re-sale value. It's the first time that someone in team Logic has displayed the team's namesake. Zoe bungled her numbers completely, losing both contracts.

Zoe had a really tough time on this task. She put herself forward for PM not because she had the skills and experience to win, but because everyone else was too cowardly to step up to the plate. This "no guts, no glory" attitude was both her downfall and her saving grace.

Venture lost the task by a measly £6 and, while Lord Sugar lambasted Zoe in the boardroom for being like "a bull in a china shop", he also praised her get-up-and-go, citing it as a quality he would value in a business partner.

For a moment, it seemed there might be a double firing as Lord Sugar's finger of doom settled on Susan for a fraction longer than necessary, but in the end it was Edna who ended up in the bin. "My disposal's get taken away at the end of the day in the back of a taxi," quipped Lord Sugar, and Edna made herself very disposable indeed.

"You seem to be trying to claim credit for everything without actually having done anything," Lord Sugar went on. In a panic, Edna then made the oldest mistake in the Alan Sugar rulebook: she flaunted her credentials, her education and her MBA in "innovation and entrepreneurship" to try and save her skin. Old Sugsy doesn't care for qualifications; he's got precious few himself. It's results that Lord Sugar's after.

Another week down, only a few more epsiodes to go. Whose head will roll next week? Who is a dead cert for the final five (the dreaded 'interview' week)? Leave your comment below.

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