King of Shaves boss Will King: "You are misguided, Lord Sugar. Engineers rock!"

"It's not the smartest comment Lord Sugar has uttered," says King. "But then, he once said that the iPod wouldn't go far, so he's not got the best track record."

Will King tweeted at Lord Sugar after the show was aired last night, saying: "I'm a Mech. Engineer. So is James Dyson. C'mon @Lord_Sugar. DYSON. KING OF SHAVES. FUTURE... #engineerEntrepreneurs #theApprentice #MAKE."

The King of Shaves founder was horrified that someone could be fired purely for being an engineer. "Obviously it's a pressured environment so I'll cut Lord Sugar a bit of slack for that. But innovation and engineering have always gone hand in hand. Think of James Dyson. How can you criticise his business achievements? Think back to Brunel and the Clifton Suspension Bridge. He was the Mark Zuckerberg of his day!

"Britain has really let the manufacturing and engineering industries slide but that is a mistake that has cost us dearly. It's time to rebalance the economy so that we're more reliant on manufacturing once more. We need to export and get foreign currency coming in. Lord Sugar's comments couldn't have been more poorly timed."

There is another engineer left in the competition. Apprentice wannabe Tom Pellereau is an inventor by trade. King knows him from years back when the young engineer pitched him his Stylfile, an s-shaped nail file. "It was a great product," says King. "We just differed over the valuation. I made an offer, he considered it and decided to pursue other avenues."

Is Tom's card marked? Has Lord Sugar taken against all engineers? Or just Glenn?

"I imagine that Lord Sugar already regrets making those comments," says King. "He - along with a lot of people in this country - is probably stuck on the vision of engineers as people in sheds or working in factories, rather than being at the helm of a company. But that's flawed."

"Ultimately," concludes King, "engineers rock!"

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