Microsoft Bizspark Summit: The top five technology fast-growth sectors

Reeves pauses a moment before answering. "Before I came to the Bizspark Summit, I would have been able to answer that question in a heartbeat. But having seen these companies pitching incredibly successful businesses in every imaginable sector, I'm beginning to think that if you have a good idea, you can make money in any industry."

But Reeves is not one to mince his words. He's a software veteran, starting out in IBM 40 years ago, and rubbing shoulders with the great and the good of the technology world every since. His tips for money-making sectors: "Home energy management is going to be huge," he says. "The world is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.  As governments crack down on consumer energy usage, these devices will become the norm. It's a high growth area.

"Another hot industry is hardware convergence. I'm talking TV, games consoles, computing, entertainment, music, all working together. There are considerable economic barriers to attacking this niche: someone owns the rights to this, that mile of cable. But it's a really interesting space. High risk, yes, but bearing extremely high rewards to the right player."

Reeves also has another pick for his top high growth industries: healthcare. This is good news for Doccom founder Jonathan Bloor, who pitched his social network for healthcare professionals to the Microsoft Bizspark 'Dragons' earlier today.

"Healthcare is the earthquake that's been waiting 1,000 years to happen," says Reeves. "The cost-savings and benefits of healthcare automation are huge. Yet the industry has been almost totally immune to change for years. It breaks your heart to see the human costs and it breaks your wallet to see the financial costs. It's time an entrepreneur changed the game."

Microsoft Europe chairman Jan Muehlfeit agrees: "Between six and 8% or Europe's GDP is spent on the management of chronic diseases. It's a huge opportunity for enterprising firms. Cloud computing is making all these things possible. It is breaking down the barriers to entry and making change possible. Cloud computing is to the knowledge society what electricity was to the industrial society."

Muehlfeit has one last tip for entrepreneurs looking for their tech niche: education. "Technology will change education because kids are at home using technology. There needs to be a special e-learning/technology programme for each and every stage. "

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