WEBCHAT: How to use technology to make a good business great!

Calling all technophobes and technical wizards alike, this is your chance to learn and share tips and tricks for scaling up your business and creating leaner, meaner operations using technology.

Want to find out whether GPS tracking can help you save money on running a fleet? Do salespeople really cut deals on the move? What are the best applications to support your business operations remotely? How can cloud services save you money? All these questions will be answered by a pair of true technophiles and business experts: Simon Devonshire and Shaa Wasmund.

Simon Devonshire has many hats. When he's not small business general manager for O2, he has business interests in a whole host of firms, from start-ups to successful third sector organisations. When it comes to understanding how technology can truly revolutionise a business, he's in the sweet spot.

Shaa Wasmund, founder of Smarta, social media evangelist and futurist, has been building complex technical businesses throughout her business life. She knows how to bootstrap a start-up using clever tech. She knows how to futureproof your technology to withstand the constant ebb and flow of technical trends and business applications. She's been there, done that, blogged it and started a trend on Twitter.

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The Using technology to make a good business great webchat will take place on June 29 at 11am. Don't miss it!

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