Smarta 100 60-second catch-up: John Moorwood, Wonga

Name: John Moorwood

Company name:

Proposition: Automated loan processing technology, used to solve people's short-term cash flow needs in a fast, flexible and transparent way.

0-10 Hello there Smarta 100 winner! So... what's happened to you and your business since last year's Smarta 100?

Growth has been very strong. We are now issuing well over 1.5 million short-term loans, despite being highly selective about who we lend to. And we've managed to maintain exceptionally high customer satisfaction ratings throughout this ambitious growth period.

10-20 What's the single smartest thing you've done this year?

We secured a very significant $100m round of funding at the very end of 2010, attracting more of the world's top technology investors to back our data-based approach to consumer credit.

20-30 Where do you intend to be when the Smarta 100 comes knocking in 2012?

Probably providing some new products using our existing technology and possibly offering our service outside of the UK. There are so many opportunities for us to explore.

30-40 We'll be finding a fresh crop of exciting small businesses for 2011 but, just to humour us, how would you have spent the £10,000 first prize?

We're seeing a lot of customers like us on Facebook and regularly run competitions and offer great prizes on there, so perhaps we'd have created something extra special to celebrate victory with our customers. As it was, we were pleased to be in the top ten.

40-50 Any super smart businesses you'd recommend?

We've got our eye on a few hot start-ups and we'll certainly be telling them to enter the Smarta 100, so you'll have to wait and see!

50-60 Clock's ticking. Before we go, how has being a Smarta 100 business helped you and why should people enter?

It's a great energy boost for young companies to receive objective and respected endorsement for their innovation and hard work. It's easy to enter and the judges are credible, so go for it.

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