Smarta 100 catch-up: Alicia Navarro, Skimlinks

Name: Alicia Navarro

Company name: Skimlinks

Proposition: An application which updates affiliate marketing links automatically.

0-10 Hello there Smarta 100 winner! So... what's happened to you and your business since last year's Smarta 100?

A lot! We launched a new product, SkimWords, opened a US office, and acquired a competitor!

10-20 What's the single smartest thing you've done this year?

We acquired a fantastic company based in New York, AtmaLinks, who had some ground-breaking technology and great engineers. We have now integrated both the technology and the team with our platform and company. This means we can offer a first-of-its-kind service to our publishers: real-time, multi-vertical, in-text price comparison. It was a great decision for us.

20-30 Where do you intend to be when the Smarta 100 comes knocking in 2012?

Our business grows and evolves so quickly, we don't know. We plan on continuing to innovate, and really shake-up the in-text monetization space.

30-40 We'll be finding a fresh crop of exciting small businesses for 2011 but, just to humour us, how    would you have spent the £10,000 first prize?

Well, I've been told I need to buy my team the new Mac Book Airs, so....

40-50 Any super smart businesses you'd recommend?

My favourite businesses at the moment are Tastebuds, an online dating site that matches people up by their musical tastes, and Postmates, an for inner city couriers.

50-60 Clock's ticking. Before we go, how has being a Smarta 100 business helped you and why should people enter?

Awards like the Smarta 100 are great for business - they instill trust in potential customers, and show that we're a company leading innovation. They've opened so many opportunities to us, and Smarta has been a great name to align ourselves with.

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