Smarta 100 catch-up: Will Wynne, Arena Flowers

Name: Will Wynne

Company name:

Proposition: Online flower and gifts retail, in B2B and B2C, across Europe

0-10 Hello there Smarta 100 winner! So... what's happened to you and your business since last year's Smarta 100?

We spent a lot of time rebuilding everything under the hood to ensure we could fulfil much bigger volumes during peak period (Valentine's & Mother's Day), as we knew pretty epic volumes were coming. We now have a best-in-breed system which could cope with a £100m annual turnover. So that's is nice. Now we just need to get that turnover.

10-20 What's the single smartest thing you've done this year?

We finally got round to redesigning the front end of our site. We think we have the best product out there due to the benefits of our business model, so we've made the product images MASSIVE to really show them off (eg: our mixed roses bouquet: as well as highlighted why our service is better than the traditional model. It's worked a treat with much improved conversion rates.

20-30   Where do you intend to be when the Smarta 100 comes knocking in 2012?

We're working on a couple of really interesting and game changing B2B deals at the moment but if we told you about them, we'd have to kill you. And we don't want to do that.

30-40 We'll be finding a fresh crop of exciting small businesses for 2011 but, just to humour us, how would you have spent the £10,000 first prize?

We'd use it to accelerate the development of another top secret idea we're working on. This B2C idea is to [REDACTED].

40-50 Any super smart businesses you'd recommend? - Groupon for luxury travel. - search engine for jobs, with clever social media integrations. I may be biased, as these are both run by friends, but their websites are both excellent and the service innovative.

50-60 Clock's ticking. Before we go, how has being a Smarta 100 business helped you and why should people enter?

Easy to enter. Helps drive awareness. What's not to like? P.S. we missed the party last year though so hope to tag along to this year's one to make up for it.

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