#bizcleanup - supporting small businesses affected by rioting

We'll leave the socio-economic analysis of the causes and solutions for others to dissect, but we would like to do whatever we can to help the hundreds of innocent small business owners affected.

From family-run Croydon furniture business Reeves established in 1867 and the Clapham-based Party Superstore - both callously set on fire - through to the vandalism, looting or loss of earnings suffered by other independent small businesses, we want to do whatever we can to help.

We can't reverse the damage or, much as we'd like to, pay for it to be repaired, but in the same way that residents are rallying round with #cleanup events, we'd like to hear from any businesses affected and see how the rest of the business community can support.

This isn't a Smarta thing and we don't want it to be, we want to see how businesses can collaborate to help each other.

We've already teamed up with fellow business site www.businesszone.co.uk and will be covering and publicising all businesses needing support with the hashtag #bizcleanup.

If you've been affected or think you could help in anyway, please use the #bizcleanup hashtag and contact us on Twitter or Facebook or email at matt@smarta.com.

You can contact BusinessZone's editor Dan Martin on dan.martin@businesszone.co.uk.


Offers of help made so far:

  • "If anyone needs help with business continuity, emergency planning or disaster recovery we can help" @veterus
  • "Has your business been affected by the London riots? Get in touch if you need a hotdesk to work from or storage" @WorkspaceGroup
  • "Hope to be able to help with the clean up - particularly able to work with retail and hotels that need high quality refurb work" @stockline_ltd
  • "Happy to help - can host Community support & collaboration pages. Let's get the communities back!" @GroupSetUp
  • "Lockaid can help with boarding up, window repairs, security in general, shutters, grilles" @JerryatLockaid
  • "I can offer telephone or email support to any small business affected by the riots - whether that's just listening or providing advice/signposting service to other support as necessary. It's not hands-on practical, but it's free and I hope it will help in some small way." @beindemand
  • "Interim telephone answering support for businesses affected by the riots" @virtualbuscent 01666 511 340 enquiries@vb-services.com
  • "We are offering people affected a free month's line rental on VoIP to help them remote work" @GradwellTweets
  • "Benchmark Software can provide free accounting, payroll or CRM software and help with IT issues by phone or remote log in." @benchsoft Simon@benchmarksoftware.co.uk 01458 444010
  • "A month's free recruitment services for any business affected who needs extra staff" @wewant2work sharon@wewant2work.co.uk
  • "I'm offering admin, telephone, fax, and associated support to small businesses in Midlands & North West affected by rioting." @MAllen_VAsst
  • "Websites @ cost & internet marketing if you need help" @YellowbellyOn Yellowbelly@me.com
  • "We are offering all businesses affected by the riots free insurance advice" @The_FTB
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