DUFFY'S DYNAMOS: "Quash is one to watch"

Smarta have asked me to write a monthly column on eye-catching new brands and start-up companies. For this first column I've picked a brand from the natural products industry that I know well.

If you think about the advantages that the world's biggest companies have in terms of resources, scale and retailer relationships, launching your own consumer brand is a daunting prospect. At literally every turn the odds are stacked against you, so a healthy dose of good luck is often the most useful thing. However, you can also increase your chances of success by finding a market untapped by any of the existing players, and then moving quickly and creatively to create a brand in your space. Quash have done this brilliantly.

Quash is an alcohol-free 100% natural hand-hygiene brand - an instant germ-killing sanitiser in spray form. There are loads of things I love about this company.

Firstly they have a cool look, I like their logo and identity, and I think their lime colour is a smart and distinctive one. Quash offer effective natural formulations which is something close to my own heart. I also believe Quash delivers on what all consumer products start-ups need to have - relevance and differentiation.

Quash's uniqueness comes in providing an innovative alternative to the alcoholic and chemical-heavy hand sanitiser products that have become so popular recently.The growing demand for these products seems unlikely to drop in the years ahead and I'm sure Quash is building a business that is here to stay in the UK.

In this growing market, Quash offers something different to all the other options. They manufacture their products in the UK, the brand has a good sense of humour and a light touch when it comes to communications, and they are committed to using natural ingredients.

The great thing about Quash is that they deliver this performance using 100% natural ingredients. Quash claims to kill 99.9% of harmful germs which is consistent with the claims of established brands in this market. The formula is alcohol free so it won't dry and crack your hands, and it contains vitamins and minerals to moisturize and nourish skin.

I love the sound of the Manuka Honey and White Willow Bark, and I can imaging this appealing to everyone from a worried London Underground commuter to a health conscious new mum looking to avoid both germs and harsh chemicals reaching her baby.

A quick look on their website shows that they have wide distribution in the UK and are also actively expanding their business across Europe, Asia and Canada. I wish them all the best. It sounds like an exciting time to be involved with their company.

Check out Quash for yourself at quashme.com and let me know what you think.

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