SMARTA 100 AWARDS: How to climb the leaderboard

So, who's in the top ten, then? As of this morning, the leaders look like this:

1. Great Little Place

2. Pitcher House

3. Righteous Living

4. Tutor2u

5. Wedge Welly

6. Blottr

7. JAM

8. Startup PR

9. Flamingo


So these are the top contenders. What a mixed bag! But remember, it can all change over the next 12 days.

Here are some other interesting stats. Bringing up the rear at #100 is online pawnbroker Borro. At exactly half way up the ranking is Aframe, at 50.

Of course, we aren't going to say exactly how many votes have been cast. It's more fun this way. But we can reveal that there have been thousands.

Here at Smarta HQ, we've been receiving lots of queries about what consistutes as 'fair' when canvassing for votes. We called a crisis meeting at the beginning of the process to discuss what to do in the event that certain candidates 'got creative' in gathering votes.

The consensus from our end is this: we are an entrepreneurial resource. We celebrate the go-getters, the innovators, the disruptive enfants terrible shaking up the status quo. Who are we to criticise those who take an entrepreneurial attitude to this competition? If you want to offer a prize, launch a 'VOTE FOR ME' Facebook group, Twitter handle or create a viral Youtube clip to get you votes, go wild.

The only thing that we will not stand for is out and out cheating, i.e. attempting to game the system. We have safeguards in place to watch out for multiple votes, attempts to hack our login system, invalid email addresses and other nefarious ways that shady individuals might try to game the system (we're not going to try and give you any ideas here!).

If hacks are traced back to an individual or brand affiliated with a Smarta 100 company, they will be disqualified.

On a lighter note, we will be covering the most innovative voting campaigns at the end of the process, so feel free to get a bit clever.

And, to prove that we're not short of a little entrepreneurial savvy either, we've launched a little Smarta 100 sideline ourselves. For all your Smarta 100 t-shirts, hoodies, mouse mats, mugs and even iPhone cases, roll up, roll up.

The Smarta 100 Awards online shop is here!

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