The savvy entrepreneur's top five travel gadgets

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It's a true luxury to be able to go on holiday and leave your business unattended for a week or more. Usually, the reality is that you still have to check in, deal with last-minute hiccoughs, and keep on top of emails and calls (albeit sporadically). Here are our top ten entrepreneur gadgets to keep you in the loop, wherever you are.

1. Smartphone

The cornerstone of any mobile working plan, make sure your smartphone is safely in your pocket when heading off to the airport. Take your charger, a USB cable (in case you need to back up your data) and, to make sure you can find and access free wi-fi hotspots at your destination, download this handy app: Wi-Fi Finder (only available on the iPhone).

2. Worldwide travel adapter

We'll all been there. Your laptop gasps its last, you reach for your charger and realise that there's no way you're going to be able to cram three prongs into the small two-hole socket. To avoid ever uttering such yowls of frustration again, take a universal charger - this baby's only £6.99 and works the world over.

3. Swiss army knife/USB stick

Picture the scenario. You wake up. Find yourself locked in your hotel room with only 20 minutes to get to a meeting. You pull out this nifty Swiss army knife, pick the lock with the nail file. Flag down a cab in record time by winking the sun off your blade to attract attention. Arrive at your destination, snip the label off your hastily-bought blazer (who takes suits on holiday anyway?) and enter the meeting, USB stick at the ready, with your Powerpoint presentation safely loaded. Sounds far-fetched, we know. But this super cool USB stick meets survival kit is ready for anything!

4. Kindle

Richard Branson's Screw It, Let's Do It makes a great holiday read. But who wants to lug paperbacks around all day? Download all your business bibles onto your Kindle and peruse their pages at your leisure - without the muscle tax.

5. Eye-catching luggage tags

There's no getting away from it: the bags going around and around the airport luggage carousel always look the same. Make sure that no one wanders off with your bag (and those all-important documents/iPad/chargers) by making your suitcase stand out. Check out these unusual luggage tags and stick 'Not your bag!', 'Don't make me chase you!', and 'Hands off!' on your baggage.

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