Top ten unusual office requests

Here are a few of the more unusual extras that small businesses require in an office...

1. An office mooooove

An office for a cow. Unfortunately this was not a business-minded bovine, but the star of an advertising campaign.

2. Tank garage

A security company requesting storage space for explosives and to park a tank. That's serious security - would you like your property protected by the A-Team?

3. Hefner's hutch

A new home, or warren, for the Playboy bunnies of London. Hugh Hefner not included.

4. I believe I can fly

An office large enough to store an aircraft simulator. That would certainly add a little excitement to afternoon breaks.

5. Mind boggling

A new location for a therapy business offering and array of treatments, including hypnotherapy liposuction - hypnotising people into believing they have had liposuction; the ultimate mind over matter therapy!

6. Plane daft

An office with enough space to store half a plane fuselage - the main body section of an aircraft - to show the structure to clients. It would certainly serve as a talking point if nothing else.

7. A woof over your head

A property for rescued dogs to give the neglected animals a second chance and a happy home.

8. Green fingers

Somewhere to house a hydroponic garden centre for growing plants without soil for all the benefits of gardening without having to get your hands dirty.

9. Gone fishing

An enquiry into an office that could be converted into a fish foot spa following the popular craze for piscine pedicures.

10. Abracadabra

A magical office for a London based Magician, preferably with a hat stand and rabbit hutch.

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