Twitter hits 100 million active users

Here are some mind-boggling numbers to wake you from your Friday afternoon doze. Twitter, now five years old, claims that its users send 230 million tweets a day: 110% more than at the beginning of this year. Broken down by month, we're talking (or tweeting) five billion tweets.

Growth is not specific to any particular geographic location. In fact, user uptake in the US is "neck and neck" with growth levels elsewhere on the globe.

We are a planet of Twitter junkies with half of active users logging onto the platform every day and over half tweeting on the fly, accessing the site on their mobile devices.

But not everyone is totally addicted to the micro-blogging network. Of 100 million active users, 40% have not tweeted in the past month.

Our last stat on this topic shows that the website still has pulling power too: receives 400 million unique users a month, a 70% increase from the start of the year.

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