A business can be just as successful in a village hall as in a London skyscraper

These businesses are spread all around the country in every conceivable sector. Proving that a new business can be just as successful in smaller towns as they can in major city centres. More than 40% of them are located outside cities, in towns or rural areas. A stat that proves a business can actually benefit by being based away from the competition in built up areas such as London.

Certain businesses prosper in different cities, with hotels and restaurants registering most growth in the Scottish towns of Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as the English south coast resorts of Brighton and Bournemouth.

New construction firms prospered in Liverpool and Sheffield while manufacturing companies recorded the highest growth in Blackburn, Huddersfield and Leicester.

Although people assume that London is the fashion capital of the country, the town with the highest growth in retail was actually Bristol. This proves when starting a company, it's important to look at trends, rather than just follow the age-old theory that the capital is the best place to start a business.

Computing proved one of the smallest players in the high growth sector, with the majority of these companies doing well in London, Reading, Cambridge, Sunderland, Oxford, Milton Keynes and Aldershot.

The largest proportion of all high growth businesses were in sectors such as law, accountancy, architecture, management consultancy and recruitment. The bulk of these businesses were based in the countries larger cities of London, Manchester and Birmingham.

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