Smarta 100 2011: A change to the Leaderboard - explained!

Firstly, this new leaderboard gives competing companies a more holistic view of their progress. Our new algorithm ranks according to the velocity of voting in a one hour period (i.e. a twitter like "trending").

Second, over the last few days, we have seen some big changes in the leaderboard. Various companies have ramped up their marketing efforts to great effect. Rather than ruin the surprise on the night, we have decided to hide the final ranking. We love a bit of suspense - and we know you do too (really, you do!).

To celebrate the efforts of the Smarta 100 companies over the next few days, we will be featuring an article on the top ten fastest movers, complete with quotes, logos and links. Publicity gold!

We've seen a lot of debate over our decision on the Smarta 100 Facebook page. This is all well and good - we love a constructive conversation here at Smarta HQ. But please note that our decision on this is final. There is still all to play for. The top ten companies are all incredibly close and we've seen some firms jump 50 places in a single day.

One final thing. This year's Smarta 100 Awards have been truly game-changing, even at this early stage. The media attention generated to date has already boosted business for many of our winning companies. Some of whom can't cope with all the new enquiries and sales! We are delighted that the Smarta 100 has generated such an overwhelmingly positive and exciting response from the winners, the press and the voters.

Keep up the good work!

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