60-second start-up: HireMatch.me


0-5 seconds: Sum your business up in a sentence


Online dating for jobs. We do the science, you provide the chemistry. It's for both companies and for candidates,follow the links to get a flavour of what we do.

5-10 seconds: What's the business model?

Subscription-based for SMEs including 30-day free trials on all our plans and Enterprise white label solutions for larger organisations.

10-15 seconds: Who are your competitors?

Any third party recruitment method really. Job boards and LinkedIn to some extent, but companies can use them to find as many candidates as they want. We'll present the ones who fit, so companies avoid drowning in unsuitable CVs.

15-20 seconds: What's your USP?

HireMatch.me uses the built-in power of assessments to help companies and jobseekers find their ideal match. With direct company to candidate access. We also take improving the candidate experience and helping to protect the employer brand very seriously. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

20-25 seconds: How have you funded it so far?

Self and seed funding to date. We are looking to take on our next round of funding to build new features and expanded internationally.

25-30 seconds: What were you doing before?

Both Marc and I were in marketing and marketing communications. We're taking a whole outside-in approach to disrupting the status quo in recruitment.

30-35 seconds: Where did the idea come from?

Being frustrated job seekers who believed that there had to be a better way than the current recruitment landscape. We felt online dating type matching was the way forward.

35-40 seconds: What's the smartest thing you've done so far?

Listening to what customers want and adjusting our business model accordingly. Customer is king. And we were really proud to be NORA 2011 finalist for best newcomer and best innovation (along some other really big brands) before we had even launched.

40-45 seconds: What's the stupidest?

Trying to be all things to all people. Neither Marc nor I are techies and we would have benefitted enormously with a technical co-founder.

45-50 seconds: If your business was a biscuit, what would it be?

Rich Tea (simple and satisfying).

50-55 seconds: Which idea are you a bit jealous of?

I rather like the previous Smarta profile of DoingSomething.co.uk.

55-60 seconds: Where are you going to be in 12 months' time?

Helping lots of companies and candidates find their ideal match and job fit in both the UK and US. Developing more tools to improve the entire recruitment process.

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