Smarta Business Builder update - go mobile and sell on Facebook!

Selling online just got easier with the new Website ShopBuilder!

  • Build an online shop and start trading with Paypal in minutes. All you need is an email address.

  • You can now extend your online shop to Facebook in just one click, helping your business reach the 29.8million people from the UK who are on Facebook.
  • We also take away the pain of building multiple shops on different channels: any updates you make to your online shop are immediately published on your mobile specific site and Facebook.

* This new ShopBuilder application is free for all Smarta Business Builder premium package subscribers and basic package subscribers can upgrade from within their account.  You can upgrade now by heading to the 'My Profile' section of your account.


Full Financials in your business plans

The Business planning tool provides a basic set of financials: you enter your sales forecast, personnel plan, and budget details, and the tool produces a proper P&L statement. Simple and sensible. Now you can add more detail to your financial plan, with the option to switch your plan into "full financials" mode, which adds the following main features:

  • Balance sheet and cash flow statement: your plan can now include a projected balance sheet and a projected cash flow statement. These are the other two (along with the P&L) of the three standard financial statements. The balance sheet allows you to manage your major purchases ("assets") better, and includes automated depreciation to reflect their long-lasting value. The cash flow statement enables you to see your cash position over time. This is particularly important for start-ups, where the time lag between sales and payments on credit often creates a need for short-term financing or other resources.
  • Cash flow assumptions: you can adjust your cash flow projections with a series of controls: adjust what percentage of your sales and purchases are on credit, set the average payment delay for accounts receivable and payable, and choose whether to turn on automated inventory handling based on your forecasted sales.
  • Loans and investments: the new optional Loans and Investments section makes it easy to add funding sources. Automated calculations are provided for loans, lines of credit, and credit cards. You can also enter more general financing if you are not sure yet what form it will take.
  • Support for sales taxes in forecast: in full-financials mode, it makes sense to include any sales taxes (or VAT, etc.) that you collect from your customers and later pay out to the government, since keeping that cash on hand temporarily can have a notable effect on your cash flow. In basic-financials mode, we typically recommend excluding such taxes from your forecast, since the money you collect is not yours to keep. With full financials, though, you have a new option in the sales forecast to collect taxes at a set rate for individual products or services.
  • Five-year plans and additional years of monthlies: a new option in the plan settings now lets you increase the plan length to five years, with as many of those years in monthly detail as you like.

What is Smarta Business Builder

Smarta Business Builder is the complete online tools package for starting or growing your business. Website, business planning, accounts, legal documents and email- all in one place- from just £20 per month with no contract.

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