Dannii Minogue endorses our Smarta 100 winner RedDog Design

So it's nice to know that pop starlet and X Factor judging alumni Dannii Minogue agrees with our selection. She's been blogging enthusiastically about RedDog Design's BagPod, a stylish, handmade leather organiser (pictured bove).

Minogue wrote: "It's perfect, practical and medium-sized, chock-full of useful compartments (the ones you can see on the side of the bag have a special protective binding to protect the leather). There is also a clip on a leather strap attached to the inside that saves you having to rummage around for your keys. [...] This cool BagPod by a company called RedDog Design fits that bill."

Attaining celebrity endorsement of this calibre is precisely the kind of brilliant PR we've come to expect from our Smarta 100 winners.

RedDog Design isn't the only winner that's been busy making famous friends: Zaini's hats have been worn by JLS and One Direction; Mask-arade's celebrity masks have been snapped up by Pink Floyd, among others; Kigu's animal onesies are worn by Florence Welch and Lily Allen; Alyssa Smith Jewellery has won a whole host of familiar-faced fans; John Torrode and Greg Wallace have raved about Joe & Seph's popcorn; Belu Water counts Raymond Blanc as a client.

And if you have a rummage through our 100 winners, you'll unearth even more exceptional examples.

It just goes to show that small businesses and start-ups can punch way above their weight when they combine uber-quality of product and service with canny PR and the tenacity to approach celebrities for support.

Think you've got a product that could get a famous face waxing lyrical? Try tweeting them, sending free product to them (or their agent and PR company), or even just writing them a lovely letter.

If you don't try, you'll never know. It's only those with the courage to make these ambitious approaches who stand a chance of such hugely influential endorsement.

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