The Young Apprentice - meet the candidates

These kids are so confident we're pretty sure they could sell you the bubble from a spirit level and a tin of tartan paint.

There's a mix of characters taking part this year, including a vintage clothing trader, a former fish and chip shop worker and an egg seller. The winner of the competition will receive a £25,000 fund from Lord Sugar to help them get their future business ideas up and running.

The candidates are as follows:

Alice Smith, age 17:

Already showing entrepreneurial spirit by selling free-range eggs from the chickens on her father's farm. Also a waitress and golf shop worker.

Patrick McDowell, age 16:

Fashion designer who runs his own clothing label and creates accessories for women. He is the youngest person ever to be named 'Young Textiles Designer of the Year', aged 13.

Sean Spooner, age 16:

Set up his own magazine at just 14 and was named the World's Youngest Publisher. His idol is founder of SBTV, Jamal Edwards. He's planning to launch a new men's magazine at the end of this year.

Steven Cole, age 17:

A serial entrepreneur who started his first business aged just 13. His first job was working as a kitchen porter and by the age of 27 he aims to have made £10m.

Amy Corrigan, age 17:

Her first job was in a fish and chip shop and now she works in a local café. Is a sports fanatic and has aspirations to own her own nightclub in London.

Andrew Tindall, age 16:

An entrepreneur from an early age, Tindall started his first business aged just 10, selling greeting cards and donating 20% of profits to charity. Works in a care home in his spare time and aims to set up his own bio-technology company.

Ashleigh Porter-Exley, age 17

As well as studying at college and taking an evening accountancy course, Porter-Exley works two jobs. She's inspired by Vivienne Westwood.

David Odhiambo, age 17

Born in Kenya, Odhiambo is already chair of many committees, including working for his local council as Chair of Yong Voices West. Still has a paper round and admires Barack Obama.

Lucy Beauvallet, age 16

Paris born Beauvallet is already running her own cake business, is bilingual, and enjoys organising events and projects. Her role models are Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright, of Innocent Drinks.

Maria Doran, age 17

Northern Irish candidate Doran already earns a living working in her father's hotel and sells designer goods online. She's inspired by the footwear brand TOMS. She has a passion for theatre and music and teaches herself piano accompaniments to popular songs.

Max Grodecki, age 16

A vintage clothes trader who once bought an unidentified Lowry sketch and sold on making more than £1,000 profit. Steve Jobs is his idol and he aims to go into politics or business.

Navdeep Bual, age 16

Represented the UK as a Young Ambassador for the Global Campaign for Education, which resulted in her meeting Gordon Brown.  Bual was also received the Diana Award for contribution to community.


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