Wayra start-up diary: What we've achieved so far by Night Zookeeper

When I started writing these blog posts about my time in Wayra nearly five months ago, I knew that I was about to embark on a very special journey. I was taking an idea I was passionate about and working with very talented people to bring it to the world. 

Wayra was the next great adventure in what had already been a whirlwind of incredible experiences. We have been lucky. So lucky. There can't be many entrepreneurs that have had it so good. Whose gamble of quitting a secure job to start a company has got off to such a good start.

Yes I have had to share a room with two others, sacrifice weekends and sleep. But the days of an empty inbox and zero momentum have passed. Things are moving forward. 

My diary is full with the kinds of exciting meetings that six months ago I could only have dreamt about. In the last month alone we have been invited to the offices of two of the largest technology companies in the world to talk about Night Zookeeper...yes that's right Night Zookeeper! 

We also found out this week that we finished 22nd in the Smarta 100 together with O2 business of the year award. An amazing achievement! (Thank you to everyone that voted!)

However, we had the 'bump' this week. The 'bump', if you haven't had it yet, is the feeling of bum on earth and it typically occurs when you are flying high and then start talking about numbers.

We realised that the Wayra experience was rapidly coming to an end and we needed to be clinical in our focus to maximise the benefit of the academy. We decided it was time to release a new product.

Now, it's very stressful to release a product, to contemplate the risk of the public misunderstanding your brand because of the need for a very basic first version. The final meeting we had however was great and it revealed to us a lot about our business. We realised that we already had something we were very proud of.

Therefore I'm very happy to report that our first app is now live in the Apple App Store. Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/id573502313?mt=8), is an application

that helps kids to invent magical animals. But it doesn't do it how you might expect. True to our brand we don't give kids preset choices, animal limbs and stickers. Rather we give them a blank canvas and the tools with which to create anything they can imagine.  

We also provide them with a series of creative missions, these are tasks that really get them thinking creatively. We ask them to turn a shoe into an animal, draw mirror images and even draw the ocean after a monster has stolen the colour blue.

It is our first product. It doesn't represent the full vision but it doesn't have to. As my CTO keeps telling me, the first iPhone didn't have an app store. You just have to excite people about the possibilities to come.

For more information about Night ZooKeeper, click here

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