Hurrah! 51% of business owners are expecting growth in 2013

In fact, 51% of business owners across Britain are expecting their businesses to grow in 2013, according to research by American Express. This growth is expected to come from within the UK with only one in 10 businesses looking to emerging markets for opportunities.

Of those polled 80% feel the expansion in their business will come via attracting new customers and will be relying on word of mouth to help market their products. Surprisingly, only 26% feel social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will help build their customer base.

What wasn't suprising was that 56% of business owners wish they could devote more time to strategy and planning for the future. We feel your pain, which is why we've compiled an awesome business planning section on to help you out. The busy schedule of juggling a business means most are operating on a short term basis, with 38% planning just 6 months in advance, while a third are operating on a week by week basis only.

On top of this, more positive news came from a survey by Numis Smaller Companies Index. It found that 87% of chief executives were preparing to maintain or increase levels of investment in their business next year.

So there you have it. 2013 beware, small businesses are going to meet you head first.

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