‘Starbucks are bastards.' - Tyrrells Crisps' Will Chase

Starbucks paid a £20m bounty to HMRC last week after news broke that the coffee giant was paying no corporation tax whatsoever. Despite the decision to pay back a large sum, many business owners are outraged that Starbucks was allowed to effectively choose how much tax they pay.

"Any multinational like Starbucks that comes into this country and siphons out money needs to be sorted out," says Chase. "All of them are taking our hard earned money and acid stripping it away. The token gesturism of Starbucks by 'donating' £20m tax is patronising beyond belief." What about all their back taxes? "Who are they to decide how much tax to donate to the U.K. from their Corporate Social Responsibility fund? It's laughable."

We completely agree. Would Starbucks let their customers decide how much they pay for a gingerbread latte or a blueberry muffin? Of course not. Likewise the government shouldn't let their customer, Starbucks, decide how much being able to sell on the British high-street is worth.

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